Disputable Voting

Three powerful mechanics to achieve a more holistic and resilient voting process.

The Disputable Voting app adds mechanics to voting which include delegating votes, protection against last-minute vote result flipping and a framework for disputing proposals. This was originally designed and audited for the Aragon Network DAO but was never implemented.

There’s a few new concepts that should be outlined before diving into specific parameters.

#1 Delegation: This process would allow token holders to vest their voting powers to a delegate who will cast votes on their behalf. A voter however does not give up full control. The delegates are forced to vote early in the voting period and if the token holder sees that their delegate has voted contrary to the token holder’s will they can veto their vested portion of the delegate’s vote and cast their vote themselves. Both a delegate and a token holder can only vote ONCE.

#2 Disputability: Proposals can be disputed by a challenger, the proposer must respond by either negotiating a settlement or escalating the challenge to Celeste or a form of court and must fork out a token fee to assign and pay jurors to mediate the dispute. Check out our thread on Celeste 2 for more info.

#3 Wait for Quiet: If a proposal has a change in outcome near the end of the voting period, more time will be added to the end of the voting period so that the token holders that have yet to cast their vote have an opportunity to express their opinion on the controversial proposal.

There is no “rageQuit” mechanism as this functionality is effectively replaced by the Augmented Bonding Curve.

Relevant Parameters:

Delegated Voting Period - This is the period of time when delegates can cast votes that have been vested to them. More Info

Minimum Quorum - the percent of the total supply of the token that needs to participate in a vote in order for it to be able to be passed. Deep Dive

Quiet Ending Period - a sectioned off period of the vote at the very end of the vote duration. If a vote outcome has been flipped from yes to no or vice versa during this time it will trigger Quiet Ending Extension. More Info

Quiet Ending Extension - will extend the vote duration for the specified amount of time if a vote outcome has changed during Quiet Ending Period. It will continue to trigger if the vote is flipped again during the extension time.

Support Required - the percentage of tokens needed to vote yes (of the tokens that were used to vote) for a proposal to Pass in the Disputable Voting App. Deep Dive

Vote Duration - the maximum period of time it takes for a vote to pass or fail. Deep Dive

Vote Execution Delay - the period of time after a vote passes before the vote can be executed. Deep Dive

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