Organizational Structure

- What are Working Groups?

WGs are smaller organizational units within the TEC. Each WG has a specialized area of focus that is centered around the necessary functions that enable the TEC to fulfil its mission statement.

- What is the area of focus of Communications?

This WG is dedicated to providing internal and external communication services to projects that are advancing the mission of the TEC.

- What is the area of focus of Communitas?

The intention of this Working Group is to nurture, grow and guide the TEC community. The points of focus are new member orientation, current member community building, and organizational design: namely, guiding folks into the TEC and helping folks navigate the TEC from the inside.

- What is the area of focus of Gravity?

To foster the practice of nonviolent communication, empathy, understanding and management of conflicts in decentralized communities, to facilitate human coordination and build a culture of trust between peers.

- What is the area of focus of Labs?

This WG provides a space to learn utilizing the latest and greatest token engineering tools, workflows, and methodologies that are popping up around web3 and the crypto-economic metaverse, while building out real-world TEC solutions.

- What is the area of focus of Legal?

To design and execute a coherent legal strategy for the TE Commons Hatch, Bonding curve mints and burns.

- What is the area of focus of Stewards?

This is a WG to allow community stewards to gather and discuss what we are feeling in the community and any issues or blockers they may be experiencing themselves or within their WG

- What is the area of focus of Transparency?

Its focus is to help promote transparency, openness and mutual monitoring. The way they accomplish this is by empowering people to share this experience with the Transparency Audits and making information available to everyone.

- What is the area of focus of Rewards?

The intention of this Working Group is to design, implement, maintain and continuously improve the TEC reward system.

- What roles do the members have?

The TEC has set a non-hierarchical organization that is flexible and adaptive to growth and reorganization. There are four different roles that serve as guidelines for managing responsibilities and commitment: contributor, community steward, subject matter expert and graviton.

- What is a Contributor?

The journey for any new member within the TEC will start with becoming a Contributor. This role makes up the majority of members within the TEC.

- What is a Community Steward?

Community Stewards are important for coordination within the TEC. Each Steward has displayed exceptional knowledge of the TEC mission and the organizational processes that exist. The role of a steward is to be a leader who can commit enough time to facilitate the day-to-day coordination of TEC initiatives.

- What is a Subject Matter Expert?

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are individuals with a specific set of expertise around the different functions of the TEC. Their main role is to be a source for advice when contributors and stewards run into difficult decisions, and to educate members about their specific field of expertise.

- What is a Graviton?

Gravitons are the conflict managers of the TEC. Each Graviton has gone through special training for conflict resolution and non-violent communication. They act proactively to interpersonal conflicts within and across the organizational boundaries.

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