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The Communications Working Group is transitioning from a working group within the TEC to their own DAO! The Token Engineering Amplification Model, or T.E.A.M DAO will be dedicated to providing internal and external communication services to projects that are advancing the mission of the TEC.


Steward(s): Chuy (@chuygarcia92) Weekly Agenda Meeting Date: TUESDAYS 9AM PST / 6PM CET TEC Weekly Sync Calls & Calendar link here


T.E.A.M. DAO Goals

  1. Create and maintain a TEC narrative that may evolve over time, but will remain consistent across all media channels.

  2. Lay the foundation / processes / infrastructure for a robust communications strategy that informs, motivates, and acknowledges the work being done by the community and broader ecosystem.

  3. Align/focus everyone on the values, mission, and purpose-driven orientation of our token economy.

  4. Producing content that links Token Engineering public goods with the sustainability and ethics of new and emerging crypto-economic systems.

  5. Creating onboarding materials (content/video) and TL;DRs that allow for anyone who is interested in the TEC to understand and contribute to our mission without friction.

  6. Build and support the TEC platforms i.e. website, the forum and social media channels

  7. Execute on what we determine to be the key, low hanging deliverables for internal/external comms in small sprints, with everyone feeling clear and empowered to opt-in to the tasks that suit their skills and schedule.

  8. Build templates and educational libraries documenting projects/tech/culture and how this knowledge can be iterated on and how it fits into the bigger picture of the TEC mission.

  9. Ensuring that all contributors feel seen/heard, valued/rewarded, acknowledged, empowered, supported, and comfortable.

  10. Applying all of our methods and processes for the benefit of new Token Engineering projects that are advancing the mission of the TEC.

Success vs. Failure


  • Consistent branding and messaging across channels communicating our purpose and promoting the TEC values and mission

  • Being seen as a thought leader in cultivating & advancing the field of Token Engineering

  • Consistent content creation/promotions & distribution

  • If articles/content is shared in the wider TE ecosystem/crypto

  • If the knowledge and learnings are picked up and championed by other groups.

  • Create fun memes that are shared

  • Creating connections in the community - between people, projects and resources through information sharing

  • How do we communicate with other groups, being inclusive, having good boundaries, taking comms...


  • We are seen as one of the many movements not THE movement

  • Not seen as just shilling just another thing, community talking but not doing

  • Fatigue in blockchain/social movements

  • Do not communicate the mission and values we have on TEC


T.E.A.M DAO Platforms

✔️ Dework

✔️ Discord

✔️ Medium

✔️ Github

✔️ LinkedIn

✔️ Twitter

✔️ YouTube

✔️ Forum / Discourse

✔️ Website (Working on front-end - email sign up?)


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