๐ŸงฎConfiguration Dashboards

The Hatch and Commons Configuration Dashboards are used to aid communities in their own economic design. The Hatch Configuration Dashboard is used to design the initialization phase (aka the Hatch) of a Commons, where the initial token distribution and community consensus criteria are determined. The Commons Configuration Dashboard, which is still being designed, will be used to parameterize the Commons economy, setting the initial properties of the Augmented Bonding Curve, Conviction Voting, Tao Voting, and Token Lockup schedule. Both dashboards use cadCAD-style modeling techniques to describe the range of possibilities given the configuration chosen, publishing these results publicly on Github. They both also encourage iterative design by making it easy to โ€œforkโ€ a previously submitted set of parameters to make minor or major changes and resubmit. When these dashboards are combined with Tokenlog, the community is empowered to design, propose and vote on their own economic โ€œconstitutionโ€ in a way that has never been done before. This inclusive iterative economic design process has the power to challenge the technocratic design patterns present in crypto and non crypto economies today. For it to work well, however, it requires a well educated community. Given that this Commons is focused on advancing token engineering, it may be an outlier in itโ€™s abilities to have an engaged and informed economic governance process. Future Modifications: A complete redesign is expected for the Hatch Configuration Dashboard Signalling Interval: Discrete

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