Advice Process

Gathering perspective before executing a proposal


The Advice Process enriches decision making and is a great companion of Do-ocracy. Community members are encouraged to take initiative anytime a problem or opportunity is identified. Using the Advice Process is easy and consists of identifying who are the experts or the people who will be affected by what is being proposed, directly requesting their advice and incorporating their feedback where it's appropriate according to the proponents discernment.

Advice Process Main Actions

  • Request advice in the Advice Process Forum section
  • Request Advice during a working group call
  • Request Advice on Github issues
  • Tag experts and individuals that are or will be affected by the proposal
  • Add comments and replies to the posts
  • Add comments and suggestions to documents
  • Incorporate feedback based on your discernment if you are the proponent
  • Provide constructive feedback if you are an advisor
  • Once the Advice Process is completed, the proponent can move the proposal to a voting category in the forum if needed.
  • Community members can guide new members to the Advice Process.
Is this action or outcome required?
  • The Advice process is optional, but its use is recommended by the community.
  • We value people’s time and attention, be mindful when tagging individuals to give advice to a proposal.
  • The advice to a proposal should be respectful and based on constructive feedback rather than criticism.
Is this action or outcome discouraged?
  • Violating the general code of conduct
  • Criticizing a proposal based on personal differences and/or conflict.
Last modified 2yr ago