Introducing the Polycentric Governance Framework

Within the Token Engineering Commons, we strive to establish a Polycentric Governance Framework.

Polycentricity means โ€œhaving more than one centerโ€.

In terms of governance, polycentric refers to having multiple centers of decision-making, where each center holds a certain degree of autonomy -- where leadership & authority is distributed among all members of the organization.

When one decision-making space overlaps with another, each center interacts in a process of mutual adjustment. This process is what is known as the Advice Process. This process allows individuals and groups to reflect on the types of decisions that are being made, evaluate their impact, and engage with both experts and stakeholders on the optimal path forward.

The polycentric model holds the consideration that governance is a continually evolving system which allows for emergent behaviors to continually guide and improve the processes and culture that manage the collective resources of the organization. While there does exist an overarching system of values and behavioral norms, this model discourages rigid procedures in favor of emergent patterns of behavior.

As a participant within this governance framework, we want to stress the importance of what it means to value emergent behaviors and progressive development over standardization and productivity. We value organic development, and allowing individuals to find their voice, their niche, and take pride in their contributions.


If you want to learn more about the polycentric governance model, please check out this quick video from the Ostrom Workshop:

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