Budget and Reward System

- What is the Augmented Bonding Curve?

It’s a modified token bonding curve that generates continuous funding for open organizations that produce and maintain public goods. It acts as a ‘value transfer interface’ between a particular Commons and the rest of the world.

- What is the Common Pool?

The Common Pool is a floating pool of capital that is collectively managed by all TEC token holders. The purpose of this pool is to fund TE projects and initiatives as well as the operations of the Token Engineering Commons.

- What is Praise?

Praise is a reward mechanism based on gratitude that is quantified into Impact Hours which will turn into TEC tokens after the Hatch.

The TEC borrowed the Praise system from the Commons Stack to create a culture of gratitude.

- How can I Praise?

When a community member notices that someone has done something to help the community, they can “dish praise” to that community member by sending a message that starts with “!praise” in Discord or “!dish praise to/for” in Telegram acknowledging who made what contribution.

- How is Praise quantified?

The Rewards WG hosts the quantifiers. They go through all the praise given in the TEC and assign a value to each of them.

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