🌼Dandelion Voting

For Phase 1, Hatch DAO administration

The Dandelion Voting App (a fork of Aragon’s voting app) is a tool for managing general DAO operations that has the power to add new applications to the DAO, change existing parameters and make any other decisions elected by a community. It will be used in the first part of the TEC Hatch (a basic Moloch style, minimum viable DAO or Dandelion DAO), where TECH (TEC Hatch tokens) holders will be able to vote and if they do not agree with decisions, they can “Ragequit,” leaving the DAO with a share of the funds held by the DAO. Dandelion voting will be used in the initial Hatch phase to decide whether or not to upgrade to a Commons - an Augmented Bonding Curve and TEC token with a Conviction Voting DAO to allocate funding via proposals. You can read more about the TEC Hatch in this analysis post by the Commons Stack.

Voting Type: A member's vote is valued a bit differently than ad-hoc voting. Rather than “one person one vote,” votes are weighted based on the number of Hatch tokens a member has. These tokens were earned from an individual’s contribution to the Commons either by earning impact hours or by sending wxDai to the Hatch. This “skin in the game” metric gives them 'voting power' and greater influence on the outcome of proposals.

Read Token Engineering Commons: An Analysis of Stakeholders, Tokens & Governance Processes by Shermin Voshmagir to learn more about the Commons, Hatch, Token Rights and more

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