Until now we have 2 generations of gravitons.

Gravitons are onboarded during the Graviton Trainings. On 2021 we had two trainings and in 2022 we will offer two new courses. Trainings have 10 sessions that introduced concepts like Non Violent Communication, Spiral Dynamics, Ostrom's 8 principles for Governing the Commons, Alternative Dispute Resolution, decolonization, leadership, organizational identities, and more. Every attendee received a POAP (NFT participation badges) at the end of each session, and the ones who collected a minimum of 6 POAPs were invited to become a Graviton!

To get this role, the member should have attended the Graviton Training.

General Permissions of Server

  • View channels

  • Manage roles

Membership Permissions

  • Create invite

  • Change nicknames

  • Manage nicknames

  • Kick members

  • Ban members

Text Channel Permissions

  • Send messages

  • Embed links

  • Attach files

  • Add reactions

  • Use external emoji

  • Read message history

  • Use application commands

Voice Channel Permissions

  • Connect

  • Speak

  • Video

  • Use voice activity

  • Mute members

  • Move members

Stage Channel Permissions

  • Request to speak

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