Co-working space

Discord Code of Conduct

Meeting attendance terms

What actions can be taken in this medium?

  • People can engage in private chats

  • People can engage in public chats on multiple channels

  • Working groups can host calls on public voice channels

  • Community calls can happen on the public voice channels

  • People can meet and have work sessions on public voice channels

  • Calls can be recorded in the public voice channels.

  • Calls can be streamed

  • Since discord voice channels don’t have a chat option, it is a good practice to use the respective chat channel to send relevant links or messages during a call. (e.g: If a call is happening in the ‘general voice channel’, use the ‘general chat channel’ to send a message)

  • Delete unwanted content (admins/moderators)

Is this action or outcome required?

  • One account per person

  • Whenever a call is being recorded, this is communicated verbally in the beginning of the call and written in the call agenda.

  • We embrace the culture of yes

  • Be kind in any type of communication (Nonviolent, mindful, compassionate language). If you would like to learn more about Non Violent Communication please contact a Graviton.

  • It is a good practice to assume best intentions from community members

  • Accountability

  • Value everyone’s time

  • Memes are meant to be fun but there are boundaries to respect

Is this action or outcome forbidden?

  • Disrespect of any kind

  • Spam

  • Multiple accounts per person

  • Creating bots without the consent of the community

  • Avoid sending private messages when they can be sent in public channels

  • Sharing inappropriate content on calls

  • Sharing inappropriate content in the chat and private channels

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