We'll help you navigate our community
The TEC is a do-ocracy, which means that anyone who sees a problem that needs to be solved or an opportunity for improvement and engagement has the agency to act. We have developed a few processes to equip individuals of this agency and maximize the impact of contributions. They should be seem as helpful maps rather than rigid structures. Changes are welcome, and every role and process is a living thing.

Community Calls

The TE calendar is incredible! There is so much happening everyday in the community. All our meetings happen on Discord voice channels and are open for all. Feel free to drop in, and you will be warmly welcomed. Find the meetings agenda and details embedded in their calendar invites.


Ask us anything! We meet every Wednesday at 6pm CET in the Community Hall voice channel on our Discord.
You're also welcome to introduce yourself in the 🥚Orientation chat. We'll make sure you feel nurtured with the right information before jumping into the wild of the TEC.

Hands-on Orientation

We would like to help you get familiar with our tools set:
  • Zenhub - sprint plannings
  • Forum - discussions and updates
  • Discord - meetings and chats
  • TokenLog - off chain token weighted governance using Quadratic Voting
  • Praise bot - gratitude-based reward mechanism
You can visit all of these mechanisms in action and bring your thoughts and questions to the AMA. You can also join an orientation session to help guide you through them.

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