We'll help you navigate our community
Welcome to the Token Engineering Commons! We understand that onboarding into DAOs can be a challenging task – you may not know anyone, or you may be extremely shy – or maybe you don’t have the first clue about what DAOs are or what it means to be a Token Engineer. This is normal.
We strive to be as open and accessible as possible to everyone regardless of where they are on the learning curve. The TEC has onboarding processes that will allow you to learn more about our mission, explore different areas of interest you may have, and how you can get involved.
The TEC is a "do-ocracy", which means that anyone who sees a problem that needs to be solved or has an opportunity to create or improve something within the community is endowed with the agency to act. We have developed a few processes to equip individuals on how to exercise this agency and maximize the impact of their contributions, and you will get to understand these processes as time goes on.
Within the TEC, processes are considered to be helpful maps rather than rigid structures. Changes are welcome, and every role and process is a living thing. We believe in fostering emergent behaviors within the Token Engineering Commons that empowers individuals to take ownership of their actions and to help shape the ethos and values that make this community a leader in DAO cultural development.

Onboarding Checklist

This checklist is designed to provide you the tools necessary to fully engage with the TEC in an official capacity.
  • Add the TEC Calendar to your Google Calendar - The TEC Calendar provides information on all official meetings that occur within our Working Groups.
  • Join our Discord Server - Discord is an online communication platform that allows large communities to coordinate around topic-based text and voice channels. In the TEC this is where coordination happens. If you don’t have Discord, we highly encourage you to download it here.
  • Join our Discourse Forum - Discourse is another online communication tool that we utilize for more formal discussions around topics within the community. It is easy to sign-up, and we encourage all new members to submit a post describing who they are and what brought them to the TEC.
  • Create a Github Account - sign-up is easy, and with your Github account we can engage with you through some of our planning and coordination tools such as Zenhub. Once you have created an account, you can request to join the Token Engineering Commons Organizational repository, here.

Onboarding Call

The Onboarding Call is a one-hour meeting held each week by the Communitas Working Group that allows for new members to introduce themselves, learn the basics about what the TEC does, and most importantly – understand how to contribute towards our mission. Attending this call is the most important step in becoming a member of the TEC as you will gain insight from existing members on what it actually means to participate in a decentralized organization.
The Onboarding Call meets every Wednesday at 9am PST / 6pm CET within the Community Hall Voice channel of our Discord server. You're also welcome to introduce yourself in the 🥚Orientation chat. We'll make sure you feel nurtured with the right information before jumping into the wild world of the TEC. In case that you cannot attend the call, feel free to reach to one of our guides and ask to a 1 on 1 call that best fits your schedule.

Hands-on Orientation

We would like to help you get familiar with our tools set:
  • Zenhub - sprint plannings
  • Forum - discussions and updates
  • Discord - meetings and chats
  • TokenLog - off chain token weighted governance using Quadratic Voting
  • Praise bot- gratitude-based reward mechanism
You can visit all of these mechanisms in action and bring your thoughts and questions to the AMA. You can also join an orientation session to help guide you through them.