Hatch Tokens

A primer for Interacting with the HatchDAO and the Token Engineering Commons.

Understanding xDAI

If you are new to the xDAI Chain, no worries! We have you covered.

What is the xDAI Chain?

The xDai Chain is a stable payments blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive stable transactions. xDai is used for transactions, payments and fees, and STAKE is used to support Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Why are we operating on the xDAI Chain?

The xDAI Chain is a stable and more cost effective network to operate a DAO. The gas costs associated with operating on Ethereum are too high for us to create, vote, and execute proposals associated with the Hatching process. The xDAI Chain provides us with fractional gas requirements, and enhanced token functionality that keeps the Hatching process affordable and pragmatic.

How do I connect to the xDAI Chain?

Within your web 3.0 wallet, you need to configure a custom RPC Network with the following information (if you have not already):

In the Hatch, are there multiple tokens? Which one do I get first?

Yes. There are five different tokens that will be used during the Hatch. Each of these tokens will play different roles within the Hatching process.

  1. CSTK (Commons Stack Token)

  2. TECH (Token Engineering Commons Hatch Token)

  3. IHT (Impact Hours Token)

  4. TEC (Token Engineering Commons Token)

  5. HNY (1Hive Honey Token)

Are these tokens transferable?

Of the five tokens potentially used within the Hatch Process, the CSTK, TECH, and IH tokens are all non-transferrable. The TEC tokens will have a vesting period as defined by the parameters voted on by the TE community. TEC and HNY will both be transferable tokens after the Hatch is complete.

Understanding the Tokens Involved

What are CSTK tokens?

The CSTK token is a non-transferable โ€œtrust tokenโ€ similar to a reputation token but not exactly the same. Issued by the Commons Stack Association, it represents the โ€œskin in the gameโ€ that trusted contributors have put towards accomplishing the Commons Stack mission.

What role do CSTK tokens have in the Hatch?

During the Hatch, CSTK tokens dictate the amount of funds any one individual can co-vest within the Hatch Raise. Along with this function, the CSTK token will represent voting power when deciding on the parameters of the Hatch DAO during the Pre-Hatch Phase.

How do I earn CSTK tokens?

When you become a member of the Trusted Seed and the Commons Stack Swiss Association you will be sent some CSTK tokens. Earning more CSTK tokens is dependent upon your participation in this Hatch and upcoming Hatches.

Do you have to join the Trusted Seed Swiss Association in order to buy tokens later?

No, tokens will be available for purchase at market price after the Hatch process is over, purchased directly from the Augmented Bonding Curve or through secondary markets as they become listed.

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