Contribution Reward

Contribution Reward


Praise is a reward mechanism based on gratitude that is quantified into Impact Hours which will turn into TEC tokens after the Hatch.

The TEC borrowed the Praise system from the Commons Stack to create a culture of gratitude. Multiple community members have the ability to "dish praise" to other members for their contributions. Praise is subjective to capture not only clear actions but also less concrete contributions like care work.

Praise Quantification

Every two weeks 3-4 community members gather to quantify praise. This is a manual process where every praise dished in that round is given a number according to their impact to the community. This adds quantitative measures to qualitative data. The average number each contributor received for all their praises becomes their Impact Hour score. Impact Hours will turn into TEC tokens after the Hatch, rewarded by the Cultural Build tribute parameter. It's required that contributors become Trusted Seed members to receive TEC tokens.


As a tool for communities to measure and reward value creation, SourceCred allows the TEC to gather reliable and objective contributions data from two of our main platforms, Github and Discourse. SourceCred and Praise are being thought to complement each other on capturing objective and subjective contributions.

The TEC SourceCred instance is still in test phase. You can check the dashboard. A proposal was recently approved to create a committee that will be responsible for the parameters and token distribution decisions. Updates on SourceCred progress happen on the weekly Soft Gov calls and on the SourceCred discord chat in the TEC server.

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