The Praise system as the TEC currently uses it evolved out of the Giveth communities’ experiments with Reward DAO and the Commons Stack’s iteration on the system.


Praise is a reward mechanism based on gratitude that is quantified into Impact Hours which will turn into TEC tokens after the Hatch.
The TEC borrowed the Praise system from the Commons Stack to create a culture of gratitude. Multiple community members have the ability to "dish praise" to other members for their contributions. Praise is subjective to capture not only clear actions but also less concrete contributions like care work.
  • Acknowledge and Reward Contributions.
  • Create a culture of gratitude.
  • Instigate decentralized updates about work being done.
  • Distribute early Governance rights widely.
  • Give feedback on what work is valued by the community.
How to Praise: When a community member notices that someone has done something to help the community, they can “dish praise” to that community member by sending a message that starts with “!praise” in discord or “!dish praise to/for” in Telegram acknowledging who made what contribution.
How Praise is Quantified: