Tao Voting

Tao Voting is the voting process by which the Commons can modify its economic and governance settings post Commons Upgrade. It is a very powerful voting application that is capable of performing many high-impact functions, for example:

  • Mint and burn TEC tokens

  • Install and remove Applications (Modules) in the Commons

  • Modify the parameters of all existing Applications (Modules)

Since there is only one set of voting parameters for all Commons components, strong thresholds for passing proposals in Tao Voting are critical to ensure the Commons architecture remains un-compromised.

Tao Voting Parameters

Support Required: 85% Minimum Quorum: 10% Vote Duration: 5 days Delegated Voting Period: 3 days Quiet Ending Period: 3 days Quiet Ending Extension: 2 days Execution Delay: 0.5 days

To submit a proposal to Tao Voting, follow the Community Advice Process, address the feedback received if any and post the final version on the Proposal section of the forum. The forum link can be submitted to the Tao Voting app on chain.

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