Organizational Norms

Before you start exploring the different Working Groups, it is important to understand the organizational norms created within the TEC. While each Working Group is free to create their own practices and use their own tools, there are some universal practices that enable us to coordinate between working groups more effectively.

Recurring Meetings

Every Working Group will have a dedicated time each week where they will coordinate the actions of their respective WG. You can find these meetings within the TEC Calendar. Working groups meet on a weekly or a bi-weekly basis and use either the Discord voice channels or through another conferencing application such as Zoom.

Working Group Manifesto

Each Working Group will have their own manifesto that describes the intention, goals, and purpose of the Working Group. They should be reviewed periodically and be available for public access.

Weekly Agenda Document

Each Working Group will have their own Weekly Agenda document that holds all of the current weeks agenda as well as agendas and notes from previous meetings. This type of documentation allows for new members to catch up on what has been going on within the WG and provides transparency for the organization.

Sprint Planning & Sprint Retrospective

Sprint Planning occurs every two weeks in the TEC and is facilitated in the Stewards voice channel of our Discord server. This two-hour meeting allows each working group to share their plans for the next two weeks, and allows for better coordination between working groups that have shared dependencies.
Sprint Retrospectives occur every two weeks the day before Sprint Planning occurs. During these meetings each Working Group reflects on the previous weeks Sprint, and evaluates what went well, what went wrong, and what we can do better.
These meetings are of critical importance for coordinating work within the TEC.


In the TEC, every Working Group meeting is recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel. This allows anyone who missed a meeting or anyone who wishes to enter into a Working Group some context and history for what is currently going on.