Praise Giver

This role is given to any community member who would like to praise other members for their contributions to the community. Without this role/tag in oneโ€™s Discord profile, the praise (using !praise command) will not be recognized by the bot and will not be recorded and quantified.

To get this role, the member can request it from any Steward or Admin.

General Permissions of Server

  • View channels

Membership Permissions

  • Create invite

  • Change nickname

Text Channel Permissions

  • Send messages

  • Attach files

  • Add reactions

  • Use external emoji

  • Mention @everyone, @here and all roles

  • Read message history

  • Use application commands

Voice Channel Permissions

  • Connect

  • Speak

  • Video

  • Use voice activity

Stage Channel Permissions

  • Request to speak

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