(Retired) Hatch Outreach

Hatch Outreach Group Manifesto

Update: The Hatch Outreach WG was retired at the close of the Hatch.

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Next meeting: Wednesday 6PM CET / 9AM PST.

Next AMA: Wednesday 4PM CET / 7AM PST.

You can find us on Discord Channel: Hatch Outreach.

Doc owner/OWG Community Stewards : Tam / Edo

TG handlers: @Tam2140 and @vegayp.

Welcome to the Hatch Outreach Group Manifesto. The next thing you need to know, is that this isnโ€™t a document to Welcome and give you guidelines about the TEC, this is a document focused on the Onboarding of Hatchers and Proposals, so if you are looking for all the information related to the TEC or/if you have questions, doubts, or just curiosity, please head here: Welcome to the TEC.

Note: The Working Group Manifesto is a live document, as the working group evolves (e.g. people join the working group) this document should be updated to reflect these changes. This is important so that there is an updated single source of truth for onboarding new working group members.


What goals would you like to achieve with this working group?

  • Prepare the forum to work as a main communication platform for Hatchers and Proposals.

  • Track, engage, and connect Hatchers, Builders (a.k.a proposals), Communities, and Organizations pre- and post-Hatch

  • Coordinate with COMS and LEGAL so any update, change or information related and relevant for Hatchers and proposals, are being transmitted.

  • Educate the Hatchers so they feel comfortable contributing to the TEC Hatch

  • Educate the Proposals so they feel comfortable proposing to the TEC via the forum before the Hatch

  • Make sure that the objectives, principles and intentions from the TEC are transmitted and clearly communicated.

How will this working group benefit the TEC community according to its near term mission

  • This group will provide the link in between the TEC community and potential Hatchers and Proposals.

  • Without the onboarding group, we will have trouble coordinating between our key stakeholders, the TEC Hatchers and the proposals that can use funds from the TEC to create TE Public Goods

  • This group is uniquely positioned to gather feedback from these key stake holders and act as a matchmaker for the TEC before the Hatch, to ensure the Hatch is a success, and there is voting engagement right away.

Success vs. Failure

What would be considered a success vs. failure?


  • Have all the documentation and information (legal included) required for the hatchers to be clear about what they are getting into.

  • Hatchers know what they need to do to before they buy into the hatch.

  • Over 70 Hatchers have completed the necessary steps.

  • There are 15+ TE projects looking for funding that have made Proposals in the forum before the Hatch and have self identified as ready to propose to the CV DAO at launch.

  • List of proposals for matchmaking*


  • Proposals that were submitted but they never returned or engaged after posting.

  • Not enough Hatchers or proposals.

  • Hatchers that didnโ€™t have legal requirements while being deep in the process.

  • Inactive forum.

  • Present Github issues

    • Onboarding Proposals Epic #205: here we register all the proposals, and divide them in two categories: The ones where we have a contact, and the ones that needs To Be Contacted (TBC)

      • Feel free to pick or ask any information or to add any proposal that you may feel fits the TEC

    • Onboarding Hatcher #207: here we placed the document that describe the process of onboarding a potential hatcher, with a script, and inside also the notes containing feedback from previous hatcher meetings.

    • New Discord / TE --> TEC Migration: the Hatcher Outreach collaborated on the creation process so the information for the Hatchers/New people is clear.

    • Start onboarding CS and TEC folk (Jake & Tamara teaming up) #385: This issue is to onboard members of the community, if you see this and you are a contributor and havenโ€™t been onboarded as a Hatcher, DM @vegayp on telegram if you wanna be a hatcher.

Working Style

If you wanna know more about where and what about, check the following links.

Weekly Agenda & Meeting Notes https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DsaTuJ6s9CXfe-YT6Y0KmtKbAKHv6jPLEBdPKxNUSZs/edit?usp=sharing

Weekly sync || Weds 6PM CET / 9AM PST Discord VoiceHatcher Outreach-TEC: https://discord.gg/TuKF5DyMnE Google Calendar

Discord Chat TEC Hatch Outreach https://discord.gg/5udK7DM3

Github Board

Here we use ZenHub and the label OnboardingWG

What is the pace of the work?

Sync: Weekly Async: Always


Please fill out our beautiful human graph! Map of Contributors

Who are the members and what are their roles inside of the TEC?

Contributor, Subject Matter Expert, Community Steward - Community Stewards will be accountable for sharing the wg results or they can delegate it to a Subject Matter Expert if they agree.

Eduardo - Community Steward and working group lead

Craig - Community Steward

What is everyoneโ€™s availability? How much time they can commit per week and what are their time zones - Any personal factors to consider through the end of this working group (moves, family, health etc.)?

Craig (@cranders71) - Community Steward: 5-10 hrs/wk, PST

Eduardo (@vegayp) - Community Steward: 10-20 hrs/wk, CET


  • (WIP) Miro board with stakeholder profiles as well as visuals to help guide our thinking.

  • (WIP) Organized working document for Interviews

  • (WIP) Disorganized Brainstorming doc with loose ideas and thoughts about direction

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