Getting Involved

- How do I get Involved?

There are different paths to engage and get involved. We encourage participation on the Working Groups as a way to foster collaboration. You can join an Orientation Call or ask for a 1-1 to get assistance.

- When is the Orientation Call?

The orientation call is hosted on discord every Thursday at 7PM CET/ 1PM EST, in our Community Voice Channel.

- I missed the Orientation Call, what should I do?

You can book a 1-1 with a member if your agenda is tight for joining a normal orientation call. Every Orientation call is very similar, what usually changes is the attendance and the questions that get answered. Also, you can find the recorded calls on our YouTube channel

- Where can I make a proposal?

We encourage people to get involved with the working group of their interest. Having a discussion with their members about your proposal is the first step.

- What kind of projects can apply to funding?

The TEC has opened funding proposal submissions for token engineering and related open-source projects focused on TE public goods. The projects that are most likely to qualify fall into three categories: open-source tools and research, education and token engineering narratives and outreach.

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