Working Groups

Introduction to Working Groups

Working Groups are the fundamental unit of production within the Token Engineering Commons. Each one is dedicated to a different function within the TEC. In the following pages you will be introduced to each working group and learn about what they do, how they work, and how you can start participating.

The Creation and Dissolution of Working Groups

The benefit of working within a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is that it allows new perspectives and energy to enter into an organization that allow for that organization to move in directions that the current organizational group never thought to move. One of the core principles at the TEC is that anyone can create a Working Group and seek funding for that group provided they give justification and illustrate the benefits that the WG will help further the mission of the organization.

The process for creating a new Working Group requires that you post a proposal within our forum that explains what the group is, what goals it seeks to accomplish, and how the group will accomplish it. After feedback and review by the community, you can seek funding for your WG. A good example of this is the formation of TEC Labs.

The dissolution of Working Groups is also an event that occurs quite frequently within the TEC. Currently, we have retired 3 working groups (Parameters, Hatcher Outreach, and Commons Swarm). The dissolution of a Working Group is a moment of celebration within the TEC. Much like non-profits, the goal of Working Groups is to exist for a purpose, such as solving a problem. When that problem is solved, the members of that group are free to explore and contribute to other initiatives within the organization.

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