Our culture of gratitude - qualitative system for rewarding contributions


The Praise system we use was borrowed from the Commons Stack and has been a fundamental part of our culture. I risk to say that Praise brought in the main element for our so far successful Cultural Build: Gratitude! Anyone can request the powers to dish praise, and anyone can be praised as long as they are in the TEC Discord Server or in the Telegram Praise channel so handles can be recognized by this grateful bot. All the praise dished is automated into a spread sheet and quantified by community members every 2 weeks. The quantification process is manual because it requires a subjectivity that bots still don't have - turning qualitative data into numbers. The measure unit we've been using is Impact Hours. The total amount of IH every collaborator has will turn into TEC Tokens if the Min Hatch Goal is reached.
Praise Main Actions
  1. 1.
    When dishing praise on Telegram
  • Request praise powers to a community steward
  • Follow the praise format: "!dish praise to [handle, handle, handle] [for/over/because] [reason]"
  • it is recommended to test dishing in the Praise Testing Channel - an invite will come when someone joins the praising team
  • Finally dish praise in the TE praise channel
2. When dishing praise on Discord
  • Dish praise on discord if you have the praise powers
  • Receive praise
  • Grant praise powers to someone if you have the permission
  • Quantify praise
Is this action or outcome required?
  • ​Praise quantification is a manual process needed to transform praise into Impact Hours
  • The people with higher Impact Hours are invited to quantify praise and to have a fair and sensitive look to the community.
Is this action or outcome forbidden?
  • There are no restrictions to what type of praise can be dished as long as it is respectful and in accordance with our Code of Conduct
Last modified 2yr ago