The Working Group 0mega started with a rather big question of: “How can we enable Token Engineering Ethos to emerge from such diverse backgrounds across the globe?”

Here you can check the Working Group Manifesto. It is a live document, as the working group evolves this document is updated to reflect these changes.

These are the Token Engineering Ethical Principles emerging from this WG's work.


Sebnem is the Steward of this Working Group.

@Solsista on the TEC's Discord

0mega's Goals

We want to explore Contextual Ethics in TE. As many worldviews coexist in token networks, we need to learn how to apply multiples modes of ethical reasoning. Our main goal is to capture emergent TE ethics and offer practice sessions, as well as a safe space for peers with ethical dilemmas. This way, we hope to nurture unity of TE knowledge.

Succes vs. Failure


  • We have managed to make TE Ethics accessible without truncating the complexity of the topic.

  • Both the librare and practice sessions are in demand and are being used.


  • We fail to close the value-action gap.

  • We keep cutting corners when talking about ethics


  • Minimal starting point for a knowledge hub - We are now using Notion for the prototype - The initiative is called TE Consilience Library.

  • We started our TE Ethics Participators Research with feedback from social scientists into the appropriate methodologies. - We devised a process that centers around collecting, researching topics of interest, and conducting focus groups of max.5 participants around this topic. - Inform TE book chapter Epilogue: An Interface to Moral Philosophy for Token Engineers

What is the deadline?

The initiative proposals should be no longer than 2-3 month iterations at which end a useful outcome is reached, e.g. first prototype of a living library, initial principles and practice sessions.

Working Style

“We focus on actions, not outcomes” For example: We focus on the act of collecting and curating with care. The outcome of creating a useful library will follow as a consequence. But at the same time, we are open for emergence. Maybe the outcome is something we cannot yet imagine, and way more valuable, useful than a library. And that may take, as long as it takes.

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