The Trusted Seed

Understand why the Trusted Seed exists, and what it means for you as a member!

Why do I need to become a member of the Trusted Seed to participate in the Hatch?

The Token Engineering Commons community has voted to use the Commons Stack’s Trusted Seed as part of the legal strategy to protect Hatchers, TEC leaders and developers. An added benefit of this strategy is that it ensures all participants who are contributing to the Hatch are aligned with the mission and values of the TEC, and seek to create collective benefits over individual profits. Also it acts as an identity oracle allowing us to use quadratic voting in TokenLog and potentially other applications. After the Hatch the TE Commons will be completely permissionless and decentralized.

Are there any restrictions on who can or cannot become a member of the Commons Stack Trusted Seed?

No. Membership in the Trusted Seed can be issued to any individual. Application to membership is granted at the sole discretion of the Common Stack and their objective is to ensure members of the Trusted Seed can be trusted to be more value driven than profit driven.

Can an existing DAO or organization become a member?

Membership is open to every individual, partnership and legal entity who are supporting the purpose of the association as defined in Article 19. The ability for an existing DAO or Organization to directly become a member and hold a CSTK Score is out of scope at this time. It is possible for an Organization or DAO to nominate a single person as a representative or ambassador, but Association benefits (including legal protections) are not extended beyond the individual who holds membership. If you are a representative of an organization and have further questions regarding organizational membership, please contact us.

Do I have to pay the Commons Stack Swiss Association membership dues?

Yes, to join the CSSA and participate in the hatch you must pay membership dues. However, renewing the annual dues is optional.

What are the benefits of becoming a CSSA Member?

The benefits are:

  1. You will become a member of an innovative and mission-focused organization that is developing the tools and processes necessary to create a sustainable future for public goods and common resources.

  2. As a CSSA member, you will have legal protection regarding liabilities associated with “General Partnership” DAOs that the Association has approved.

  3. You will be granted access to participate in future Commons Hatches.

  4. You will have access to potential airdrops distributed by the CSSA.

What obligations do I have as a CSSA member?

The only obligations that members of the CSSA have are to be value-driven CSTK Token Holders, and to uphold the agreements made regarding your participation as a member of the CSSA and as a member of DAOs that the Association has approved.

How much are the annual membership dues, and what if I can’t afford to pay it?

The annual Membership Dues are 450 DAI (minimum), and scholarships are currently being made available for those in need. Dues will not be required to maintain membership in the Trusted Seed or to participate in the TEC. Dues are only required to participate in the initialization of the TEC.

What will our membership dues be used for?

Membership dues will be used to cover operational costs, to achieve the Association's objectives and to cover the legal protections associated with member benefits. The CSSA uses Giveth to provide transparent tracking on the use of membership dues.

Can I terminate my membership?

Yes. The membership dues are annual, so if you fail to renew your membership it will be terminated at the end of the membership cycle. Members may also leave the Association by submitting written notice to the president at any time.

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