Conviction Voting

โ€œConviction Voting offers a novel decision making process that funds proposals based on the aggregated preference of community members, expressed continuously.โ€ Deep dive here.

When to use: When requesting funds for projects that aim to advance the field of Token Engineering and are aligned with TECโ€™s mission, vision and values.

For financial requests that will be submitted to Conviction Voting, proposers must get a signal from the community by sharing their proposal for the Community Advice Process at least a week prior to submitting to the DAO. Once the feedback received (if any) is revised, they can move it to the Proposal section in the forum and then to the Conviction Voting app on-chain. All Conviction Voting proposals should use this template.

Conviction Voting incentivizes large proposals to be broken into milestones and submitted one step at a time. Proposals are more likely to pass when requesting smaller amounts of funds.

Conviction Voting Parameters

Conviction Growth: 7 days Minimum Conviction: 4% Spending Limit: 11%

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