Collaborative Economics

The TEC is actively working towards the dissolution of technocracy into community education and participation. The Hatch DAO parameters were chosen using Tokenlog, so will the Commons Upgrade. The dashboards can be linked to github so proposals can be made straight from the dashboard to Tokenlog. Proposals are then curated and the top ones will go to the Runoff vote on Snapshot.

Crowd Proposal Making

When everyone is encouraged to submit proposals on a similar topic to use the collective intelligence of the community to find the best solution for a challenge. The top voted proposals should then be sent to Snapshot for a final decision.


“ It allows projects to continuously gather feedback from their token holders in order to help plan and prioritize their work.​ It allows token holders to actively signal which items matter to them rather than just vote on single proposals.” Description taken from Tokenlog home page

Tokenlog uses quadratic voting.

Where: Each vote will have a special github repository.

Use Cases: Hatch Process, or any type of decision that would require multiple proposals to be submitted.

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