Conflict Management


Gravity aims to establish a culture of voluntary compliance around the TEC agreements. It proposes the recognition and application of conflict management mechanisms to shape harmonious interactions between the members of its community.

Who are the Gravitons?

@JuankBell is leading the Gravity working group and the Graviton Training. The training is happening now for the first time and will be offered 2 times a year with the intention to form Gravitons - the team of individuals equipped with knowledge and social tooling to address and mediate emerging conflicts or any uncomfortable situations in the best way possible.

All the Graviton names and contacts will be listed here. Meanwhile you can contact @JuankBell and @liviade.

Gravity Main Actions

  • Everyone in the community can fill the Gravity typeform or approach any of the Gravitons to request support for conflicts and any sort of uncomfortable or undesired situations.

  • In case of conflict, Gravitons can approach the parties involved to collect information on the issues.

  • All community members can propose new methodologies to approach graduated sanctions and mutual monitoring as well as upgrade current ones through Advice Process and Forum Voting.

  • Gravitons can submit conflicts or issues to the Gravity Registry, that is a database of the cases managed by Gravity.

  • Conflict resolution calls and chats are closed to Gravitons and parties involved to respect privacy and vulnerability.

  • The Gravity working group can host training and capacitate individuals to become Gravitons.

    • The Gravity training is free and open for all.

  • Gravity can remove proposals from all the voting categories if they receive flags and/or are seen as harmful for the community based on our rules, boundaries, T&Cโ€™s and Code of Conduct.

What actions or outcomes are required or encouraged?

  • All members should commit to respect the protocol for TEC calls

  • Gravitons should comply to the code of conduct of the TEC and the additional Graviton Code of Conduct

  • Gravitons should accept cases based on their competence and communicate to the Gravity group if they donโ€™t feel capable of handling an issue.

  • Gravitons should promote trust and good relationships between the community

  • It is required to complete the Graviton Training successfully to become a Graviton.

  • Gravitons should update the Gravity Registry with the information of possible agreements or the final resolutions.

  • All members should respect the arrangements made about the situations issued

What actions or outcomes are discouraged?

  • Using the confidential Gravity information to serve personal interest (this would lead to expulsion of the Gravity group)

  • Violating the requirements for the Graviton Role (Any member can monitor Gravitons actions and report to other Gravitons, fill in the typeform, or contact community stewards.)

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