Disputable Voting

On chain Moloch-like voting instance


Disputable Voting is intended to be a part of the upgraded Commons.
With Disputable Voting we can propose changes in the smart contract level. The Dispu - quiet ending period
The Hatch DAO will initially be only a Dandelion Voting app that can upgrade itself by adding new applications and changing existing parameters. DV is like a Moloch DAO so it has a Rage Quit feature in the Hatch DAO phase. The first proposals planned for the Dandelion Voting in the time of the hatch are whether or not to upgrade to include the Conviction Voting and Augmented Bonding Curve apps. After the Commons upgrade however, DV should still be used for future upgrades, parameters adjustments and anything involving the DAO code management.

What are the main Disputable Voting actions?

  • Change the Commons parameters for as many Aragon Apps installed into the DAO, including DV itself
  • Dandelion Voting can be used to install and uninstall Aragon Applications including the Augmented Bonding Curve and the Conviction Voting App for the Commons Upgrade
  • Dandelion Voting can be used to send funds out of the DAO to fund TE open source projects
  • Dandelion Voting can be used to send funds out of the DAO for upgrades in case of major bugs and emergency situations
  • To make a proposal, a tollgate fee is paid and sent to the Reserve mostly to avoid spam
  • Proponents can request the tollgate fee be paid back if Conviction Voting is installed
  • Proposals can be challenged through staking a challenger amount.
    • The proposal can settle by an agreement between the challenger and the proposer.
    • The proposer can withdraw the proposal, this way the tollgate fee goes to the challenger( can a CV proposal be challenged?)
    • The proposer can pay a jury fee to have the proposal contested in Celeste. The use of Celeste still has to be approved by the community.
  • Voters can give their voting power to a delegate.
    • Voters can veto their delegates vote.
    • Delegates have a separate voting period so voters can track the votes.
Is this action or outcome required?
  • Proposals should be posted first in the DV forum section to then be submitted to the Commons using the forum proposal link.
  • It is recommended to use the DV proposal template available in the DV forum section by clicking "+ New Topic".
  • If a proposal is challenged, the proponent needs to decide to settle, withdraw or go to court.
  • Open questions about delegates
Is this action or outcome discouraged?
  • To submit proposals without a forum post
  • To submit proposals that go against our Code of Conduct
  • To use Dandelion Voting to send funds out of the DAO to fund TE projects if CV is installed
  • To edit the proposal in the forum once it has been submitted to the Commons.
  • Griefing individuals
  • Delegates not aligned with voters interest
  • Vote buying

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