Hatcher Outreach

If you are interested in becoming a Hatcher, here are some things you need to know!

Who is a Hatcher? What is a Hatcher?

A Hatcher is someone who participates in the Hatch process of a Commons. Anyone may become a Hatcher as long as they become a member of the Trusted Seed.

Why should I become a Hatcher?

The reason you should become a Hatcher is because you care deeply about advancing the field of token engineering. Whether you are a seasoned cryptographer, a student interested in the field of token engineering, or simply someone looking to apply new community technologies to your context -- the hatching of the Token Engineering Commons is the first step to bringing informed decision-making and safer standards and practices to next-generation token economies.

We are building the future of Token Engineering. ๐Ÿ“

What are the implications of becoming a Hatcher?

By becoming a Hatcher you will play a significant role in shaping the economy of the Token Engineering Commons. In order to launch the commons, Hatchers will need to make key decisions regarding the parameters of the Hatch DAO and how the Commons Upgrade will occur.

Hatchers will provide funding for the initialization of the Augmented Bonding Curve and will have significant influence on the direction of the TEC once the Hatch process is over.

How do I become a Hatcher?

The first step to become a hatcher is to apply to the Trusted Seed, which is a curated list of value driven individuals that are invited to hatch the TEC and aid in the governance of the Commons. Once you are accepted in the Trusted Seed, you can become part of the Commons Stack Swiss Association which protects contributing members from being considered part of a general partnership (under Swiss law & related legal frameworks). Our intent is to use crypto-native governance tools to the maximum extent possible and rely on existing legal forms to the minimum extent feasible. These processes are important for a safe hatch, where people who care about the advancement of the Token Engineering field are the first ones to be involved in initiating this economy, rather than only profit seeking individuals. If you're interested in becoming a hatcher contact us for a one on one onboarding session.

How many people will there be in the Hatcher Group?

Only those in the Trusted Seed are eligible to become a Hatcher and it is unknown at the moment how large the Trusted Seed will become. As a part of the Hatcher Outreach process, we are attempting to get as many mission aligned token engineers as possible to participate within the Hatch process and have many already committed, such as Michael Zargham, Trent McConaghy and Simon de la Rouviere.

Why do you need a Soft Commit now?

By providing us with a soft commit, you will be helping the TEC Community determine the Minimum Goal parameter. This parameter establishes a minimum amount of wxDai to be collected for the launch of the TEC Hatch DAO. If less than the Minimum Goal is collected then all the funds will be returned. The amount of each individualโ€™s soft commit will remain private, but we will track the aggregate value and make it available to the public.

How do you prevent speculators from influencing the Hatch process?

The Trusted Seed is curated by Commons Stack. In order to participate in the Hatch, you will need to have applied to the Trusted Seed and in that application, the Commons Stack team will look up each applicant's social media profiles to determine if they are purely intending to speculate.

By doing this, we ensure that everyone participating in the Hatch is aligned with the values of the Token Engineering Commons; those who care about advancing the field of Token Engineering and are deeply invested in the projects they are dedicated to funding.

Where can I find additional information and resources?

To understand more about the recent developments and actions taken by the Token Engineering community, check out the Token Engineering Commons blog.

To understand more about Commons Stack, their iterative design approach, and the intent behind the birth of the TEC, check out the Commons Stack blog.

Additionally, there is a wide range of topics that have been discussed within the Token Engineering Commons forum. Please sign up, introduce yourself, and catch up on all the progress happening with the Token Engineering Commons community!

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