🏛️ Celeste

Celeste is a Subjective Oracle, enabling smart contracts to ask questions and receive answers. It can be used to resolve subjective disputes, create escrow type workflows, settle prediction markets, moderate content, curate and categorize items, help validate off-chain computation and more, by enabling developers of decentralized applications to construct and arbitrate challenge-response games. The first implementation is in using Celeste as a way to dispute proposals that do not align with the values of the community in Tao Voting and Conviction Voting (see below for more info on Conviction Voting). The Token Engineering Commons will hold a vote on whether or not to employ Celeste as a third party arbitrator for disputing proposals during the initial phase of the Hatch.
Voting Type: In order to participate, Celeste “keepers” must have Proof of uniqueness (Celeste creators 1Hive are employing BrightID as a sybil resistance mechanism), hold and stake HNY to participate. The amount of HNY individuals can stake in Celeste is limited, in order to promote decentralization and avoid collusion. To learn more, check out this thread from Celeste developers, 1hive.