Admins are people who are entrusted to manage the server because of their reputation and reliability as trusted members of the community. This role has all Discord permissions.

To acquire this role, one must be able and asked to work on our Discord channelโ€™s infrastructure.

General Permissions of Server

  • View channels

  • Manage channels

  • Manage roles

  • Manage emojis & stickers

  • View audit log

  • Manage server

Membership Permissions

  • Create invitation

  • Change nickname

  • Manage nickname

  • Kick members

  • Ban members

Text Channel Permissions

  • Send messages

  • Embed links

  • Attach files

  • Add reactions

  • Use external emoji

  • Mention @everyone, @here and all roles

  • Manage messages

  • Read message history

  • Send text-to-speech messages

  • Use Application Commands

Voice Channel Permissions

  • Connect

  • Speak

  • Video

  • Use Voice Activity

  • Mute members

  • Deafen members

  • Move members

Scene Channel Permissions

  • Request to speak

Advanced Permissions

  • Admin (Members with this permission have all the permissions and can also ignore restrictions)

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