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Gravity Working Group Manifesto

Explain what is pushing us apart so Gravity can bring us back together.

WG lead: Juan Carlos

Note! The Working Group Manifesto is a live document, as the working group evolves (e.g. people join the working group) this document should be updated to reflect these changes. This is important so that there is an updated single source of truth for onboarding new working group members.

(The working group lead is expected to keep the document up to date.)


What goals would you like to achieve with this working group?

Train members of the community in skills to promote nonviolent communication, empathy, understanding and management of conflicts, to build a culture of wellbeing and trust between members of the community. Apply E. Ostromโ€™s Principles number 4, 5 and 6 (Rules are enforced by effective & accountable monitoring, Sanctions for violations should be graduated, & Conflict resolution should be easily accessible and low-cost), to manage conflict and support soft governance rules inside the TEC

This working group:

  • Improves The Code of Conduct of the organization and constantly engages the community in this process.

  • Defines graduated sanctions, with a complexity scaling approach based on alternative conflict management mechanisms.

  • Defines the role of the Conflict Mediator including its responsibilities, commitments and benefits.

  • Designs an onboarding and offboarding process to sustain a constant flow of people accountable for managing conflicts in the organization.

  • Generates and collects insights from conflict management processes, in order to constantly adjust the soft governance rules of the TEC.

  • Proposes operative solutions to conflicts between members, based on cases from the broader ecosystem and insights about concrete situations.

  • Develops a system to document disputes in the TEC and relate conflict managers to the parts involved. (A bot-based communication system for example, but we are open to suggestion)

How will these derivables be addressed

According to the near term mission โ€The cultural and technical build are currently happening to ensure a successful launch of the TEC and are the focus until they are completed and the TEC is allocating funding to support TE Public Goods.โ€

This group will benefit the community to become antifragile to frictions in human groups.

Success vs. Failure

What would be considered a success vs. failure?


That people in the community recognize the cultural build and graduated sanctions, acting coherently to the values in the organization. But when disputes arise, there are clear steps to follow in order to receive assistance in the effective search and implementation of solutions.


Not recognition of this process to address conflicts in the organization. Disputes arise without being channeled to experts, and there is no control or accountables over the situation.


First roadmap. Already checked

  1. Design the responsibilities/benefits/requirements of the role of conflict managers.

  2. Relate unwanted behavior to graduated sanctions

  3. Design the onboarding/training and rotation/offboarding of this group of people related to conflict management

  4. Create a system to channel disputes and connect them to experts accountable for approaching parts involved and help manage the issue, solving it with graduated sanctions, or scaling the situation to more complex conflict management mechanisms.

Second roadmap: checked with some bullet point pendingโ€ฆ

  • To design and apply the gravity survey on our and other communities

  • To design and test an easy step by step process of gravity

  • To make relationships with other communities.

  • Creating a framework for conflict (10 common types of conflict)

  • Guide for the first interaction <- test, quick invite for a call. (how to handle situations as a graviton- code of conduct)

Third roadmap:

  • Creating a framework for conflict (common types of conflict)

  • Guide for the first interactions <- quick invite for a call, caucuses, mediation and post mediation. (how to handle situations as a graviton)

  • improve process design and comms strategies.

  • Continue collecting information for the survey, during the training and other events.

  • Have the the second graviton training, aiming to have 20+ gravitons from at least 3-4 communities

  • look for extra funding options. Joint ventures, Gitcoin grants, DAO collaborations. Selling courses for escalation.

  • initialize DAO discussions: How to implement Ostrom and the commons framework to Gravity.

-Design continuous education spaces for gravitons.

What is the deadline?

First Roadmap:

  • To have the first generation of gravitons before the hatch

Graviton training, happened from 21 Jan to 11 March

Second Roadmap:

  • July <- review & also planning next graviton training. :D

Third roadmap:

  • Review of the second training and bullet points in December

Graviton training, scheduled between 21st September and 23rd November

Working Style

  • Define where sync is happening

Discord- Tec- Gravity

Async- on the conflict resolution for the TEC doc (link in resources)

Weekly call: thursdays 9:00 p.m. CET

What is the pace of the work?

After Graviton training, start practicing ADR in the TEC and related communities

Expectations of the work / people / community / project?

Design an internal conflict management protocol for decentralized social structures.


Who are the members and what are their roles inside of the TEC?

  • Juan Carlos Bell TEC contributor

  • Giulio Quarta TEC contributor

  • Fabian bruder TEC contributor

  • Mateo Daza TEC contributor

  • Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru contributor

  • Zeptimus TEC contributor

  • Livia D. Community steward

  • Griff Community steward

  • Regis Chapman TEC contributor

  • David Danforth TEC contributor

  • Manuel florez TEC contributor

What is everyoneโ€™s availability? How much time they can commit per week and what are their time zones *Any personal factors to consider through the end of this working group (moves, family, health etc.)?

  • Juan Carlos, 10-15 hours a week

  • Giulio Quarta 3-4 hours a week (waiting for a new job to be confirmed so uncertain at the moment)

  • Griff 2-3 hours a week, I want to be involved, but need to be beckoned! Please schedule times

  • Manu 2-3 hours a week, I can attend to calls and provide feedback async

  • Zeptimus 4-5 hours a week

Working Groups progress should be shared in the Thursday community calls.


Initial document regarding this Working group

Graviton training Slides:

Mutual accountability**-> ways we are accountable of each other.

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