Forum Voting

Off-chain decision making process dedicated to cultural agreements and signaling polls.


Cultural agreements are like the law we decide to build together. Many of this agreements emerge from the community interactions and many are proposed to address specific needs. It's very important to have a process for creating, managing and changing this collective law. The Forum Voting together with the Advice Process provide an accessible place to look into our cultural agreements addressing Ostrom's 3rd principle: Collective Choice Arrangements. Conviction Voting is capable of hosting such proposals, but it's highly recommended to use the off-chain Forum Voting process to lower cost, overhead and keep the CV clear for funding purposes.

Forum Voting Main Actions

  • Propose to implement or change cultural agreements using the poll tool available in the forum with the options YES, NEUTRAL, BLOCK

  • Post a proposal for signaling purposes using the poll tool available in the forum with up to 5 choices.

Is this action or outcome required?

  • Proposals should be submitted from Monday to Friday.

  • Proposals can be voted on as soon as they are submitted, but the weekends are solely for voting since all proposals will be available in the Forum Voting Section.

  • Voting sessions are closed on Monday when results should be shared as a reply in the proposal post and documented in the Soft Gov Decision Tracking Sheet .

  • It is recommended to follow the Forum Voting proposal template that comes up by clicking at "+ New Topic".

  • Forum Voting Proposals should have well defined objectives.

Signaling Proposals

  • It is appreciated that signaling proposals have a wide range of choices (up to 5), to capture contrary opinions/views to supplement the inquiry.

  • Signaling proposals main purpose is to capture the sentiment of the community around a certain topic to guide research or explore multiple choices e.g picking a projects name.

Is this action or outcome discouraged?

  • Violating the TEC's general code of conduct

  • Proposing something that involves others without their consent

  • Editing the proposal on the weekends once the voting session has begun.

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