Conviction Voting

On chain decision making process dedicated to funds allocation


Conviction Voting will be the TEC fund allocation tool If the Hatch DAO decides to implement the CV app via Dandelion Voting. In Conviction Voting, the TEC token holders can stake their tokens to support one or more proposals. We call this "preference". "A member can change their preference at any time, but the longer they keep their preference for the same proposal, the โ€œstrongerโ€ their conviction gets. This added conviction gives long standing community members with consistent preferences more influence than short term participants merely trying to influence a vote." Read more about Conviction Voting.

What are the main Conviction Voting actions in the TEC?

  • Everyone can post proposals to fund TE projects in the CV section of the Forum using the CV proposal template and have the forum link submitted to the CV instance of the Commons

  • TEC token holders can vote on CV proposals by staking their TEC tokens

  • TEC token holders can change the preference of their votes

  • CV proposals that break our code of conduct can be sent to dispute using Disputable Voting

Is this action or outcome required?

  • It is required to post CV proposals in the CV section of the forum before submitting it to the CV instance of the Commons.

    • Proposing directly in the Commons without a forum link may lead to an apathetic response from the community

  • Proposals should provide detailed financial description. It is preferred that costly proposals are broken into milestones that can be submitted separately with a title that indicates continuity. (The higher the cost, the higher conviction a proposal will need to be approved in the Commons)

Is this action or outcome discouraged?

  • Posting a proposal for signaling purposes - It is a good practice to use the Forum Voting section to submit signaling proposals since they don't need to be on chain.

  • It is against our Code of Conduct to post a proposal unrelated to the advancement of the TE field. If the proponent has questions about the scope of their proposal, they can use the Advice Process Category to request feedback.

  • It is highly discouraged to edit the proposal in the forum once it has been submitted to the Commons.

  • It is discouraged to use private chats to ask community members to vote in proposals

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