The Comms Working Group Manifesto
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Comms Steward : @chuygarcia92
Note! The Working Group Manifesto is a live document, as the working group evolves (e.g. people join the working group) this document should be updated to reflect these changes. This is important so that there is an updated single source of truth for onboarding new working group members.


  1. 1.
    Create and maintain a TEC narrative that may evolve over time, but will remain consistent across all media channels.
  2. 2.
    Lay the foundation / processes / infrastructure for a robust communications strategy that informs, motivates and acknowledges the work being done by the community and ecosystem, and aligns/focuses everyone on the values, mission and purpose-driven orientation of our token economy including:
    1. 1.
      Cultivate content to link TE Public Goods with the community like memes shared async or even meme partys!
    2. 2.
      Creating onboarding materials (content/video) and TL;DRs to make sure anyone who is interested in TEC has a starting point.
    3. 3.
      Build and support the TEC platforms i.e. website, the forum and social media channels
  3. 3.
    Execute on what we determine to be the key, low hanging deliverables for internal/external comms in small sprints, with everyone feeling clear and empowered to opt-in to the tasks that suit their skills and schedule.
  4. 4.
    Build templates and educational libraries documenting projects/tech/culture and how this knowledge can be iterated on and how it fits into the bigger picture in the world.
  5. 5.
    Everyone in the Comms Working Group feeling seen and heard, valued/rewarded, acknowledged, empowered, supported and comfortable.
  • How will this working group benefit the TEC community according to its near term mission: Supporting the launch and creating the culture with amazing communications!
  • What would be considered a success vs. failure?

Success vs. Failure

  • Consistent branding and messaging across channels communicating our purpose and promoting the TEC values and mission
  • Being seen as a thought leader in cultivating & advancing the field of Token Engineering
  • Consistent content creation/promotions & distribution
  • If articles/content is shared in the wider TE ecosystem/crypto
  • If the knowledge and learnings are picked up and championed by other groups.
  • Create fun memes that are shared
  • Creating connections in the community - between people, projects and resources through information sharing
  • How do we communicate with other groups, being inclusive, having good boundaries, taking comms...
  • We are seen as one of the many movements not THE movement
  • Not seen as just shilling just another thing, community talking but not doing
  • Fatigue in blockchain/social movements
  • Do not communicate the mission and values we have on TEC

Roadmap & Deliverables with Deadlines

Comms Platforms

Should celebrate, listen and acknowledge the work being done by the community
✔️ Discord​
✔️ Medium​
✔️ Github​
✔️ Twitter​
✔️ YouTube
✔️ Forum / Discourse​
Website (Working on front-end - email sign up?)​
Reddit / Bitcoin Talk
Story Canvas Miro Board LINK (Password: TokenEngineering)

Internal Communications


Working Style

  • Discord comms channel
Once per week sync/work session

Members <3

Please fill out our beautiful human graph! Map of Contributors
  • Who are the members and what are their roles inside of the TEC?
Contributor, Subject Matter Expert, Community Steward - Community Stewards will be accountable for sharing the wg results or they can delegate it to a Subject Matter Expert if they agree.


​Jessica (@JessicaZartler) - Community Steward: 10hrs / week PST
Marko - Community Steward/PM -
​Craig (@cranders71) - Community Steward: 4+ hrs / week PST
Metaverde -
​Griff (@griffgreen) - Community Steward: PST
​Jeff (@jeffemmett) - Subject Matter Expert: 1hr / week + requests PST Nate -


​Blair (@BlairV) - Contributor: PST
​Manu (@ManuAlzuru ) - Contributor / Subject Matter Expert: CEST
Andrew (@Random Shinichi) - Subject Matter Expert: CEST
​Humberto Besso-Oberto (@HBesso31) - Contributor / Subject Matter Expert: CEST


  • Likes/dislike? Expectations of the work / people / community / project?
Andrew - cadCAD, former developer for aeternity, Quantum Resistant Ledger. interested in TE, looking around to see where I can contribute, estimate how much effort it would need.
Likes/dislikes/experience: To work on wording, judo’ing something bad into good, perception, exploring/thinking about the difference between appearance vs reality - meta narratives, voice, positioning
Motivation: Would like to build a reputation as an individual/community
Location/Time zone: CEST -
Contact: @randomshinichi
Motivation/contribution availability:
ManuAlzuru - Engineer working in the Blockchain industry for 5 years - tokenizing real estates/venture funds and also part of multiple DAOs. Working on FightPandemics an altruistic meta-platform that facilitates the connection and exchange of information between individuals and/or organizations that need help with those that are providing it. 1300 people have already contributed to the community. Very interested in TE. Contact:
Likes/dislikes/experience: Growth hacking / virality, not that into writing/designing, more designing patterns and workflows - processes, connecting the dots and people, building bridges, putting people together, growth strategies, building community around social media
Motivation/contribution availability: Low bandwidth, 3-4 hrs per week, inspired by the people in these communities and is happy about the chance to interact/connect
Location/Time zone: CEST - Barcelona
Contact: @ManuAlzuru / [email protected]
Jess - Mainstream media/TV news for 10 years, Blockchain/crypto 4.5 yrs, ran marketing teams for software startups, translating engineers/narratives.strategy/process engineering/memetics/writing/editing/video/graphic design a bit - multihat/generalist
Likes/dislikes/experience: Will work on whatever is need, loves writing/editing/video/art & design, not the biggest fan of social media, but will push in whatever direction is needed :D
Motivation/contribution availability/commitment:
PST - Vancouver Island, Canada
Contact: @jessicazartler Discord, Telegram & Twitter / Mobile & Signal 786-832-4924 / [email protected] Github: jessicazartler
Jeff - Commons Stack/cadCAD/marketing/research background. How can we help the world and make this very tangible for people.
Motivation/contribution availability/commitment:
PST - Vancouver Island, Canada
Contact: @jeffemmett Discord, Telegram & Twitter / [email protected]
Blair - Background in natural resource econ, found Ostrom/Commons pool management, participating in the TE Academy, LA chapter & quadratic funding, excited for figuring out how to quantify contributions/incentivize cooperation. Working with Grassroots Economics doing DevOps/Infra. San Diego, CA based.
Likes/dislike/experience: Twitter/writing/blog articles
Motivation/contribution availability/commitment: Quit cushy job, using the next 6 mos that are educational, how to make the TE work for him, offer services going forward, up for contributing invested in the idea/mission, planting seeds for a bright future. Can work on bots/automation for comms channels.
PST - California
Contact: discord @BlairV; twitter @BlairVee ; Telegram @ BlairV
Craig - Utility player, bouncing around, working wherever work is needed, Community
steward. Interests lie across the three groups. Runs a non-profit using token
tools/fundraising for education.
Motivation/contribution availability/commitment:
Contact: @cranders71 Telegram & Discord
Griff - Tech Spec WG connection, Community Steward. Happy to pay for things and take ownership (and share ownership wildly!) around the effort… For the most part I will only do things people ask me to do and will avoid responsibilities in Comms that don’t need me, to focus on the tech spec wg :-D.
West Coast time for October… US East Coast time till Feb-ish
Contact: @cranders71 Telegram & Discord
Humberto- Decentralized United Nations. Working on turning the greatest global challenges into local open cooperatives worldwide.
Likes/dislikes/experience: Having a checklist of things to do/done. / having to look for info in many places / physical world community building, SDGs (sustainable dev goals), egovernance in public administration (learning but testing), design sprints, business acceleration, monetizing services, service design, familiar businesses, participatory budgeting, cooperatives, public goods management (at civic level but engaged with public administration).
Motivation/contribution availability/commitment: working in Soft Gov, have committed by giving 5 hrs a week. In this group won’t be attending meetings, but will leave my comments on what you reach. Will gladly post and re-package what TEC and CS publishes.
ESST: Tallinn, Estonian time
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